China’s jamming equipment is affecting the us navy

Electronic military jammer provocation from China

The US Navy’s USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier has reached the Philippines, and it looks like China has jamming equipment in the South China Sea. While wifi jammer isn’t anywhere near shooting, the provocative activity «could lead to an escalatory pattern that could be negative for both sides,» and the US will «not look kindly» on the practice, according to an expert.

The telecommunications industry has long opposed jamming cell signals, saying that could interfere with legal cell users nearby. But several companies, including Verizon, A&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, agreed to join in tests of various platforms that can jam all calls or simply unauthorized ones, Stirling said.

But while manned aircraft can usually fight back against signal jamming, and pilots in a cockpit can always use their own judgment if communications or navigation is lost, jamming could pose a serious threat to the US Navy’s drones, as there’s no one in the cockpit, according to Lamrani.

China’s military cell phone jammer equipment affects U.S. drone flights

If China is jamming US Navy aircraft flying in international airspace at sea, it serve as yet another sign that Beijing may disregard international law and norms to defend its South China Sea land grab.

An advocate for cell phone jammers being installed in South Carolina prisons, Stirling has previously said that prisoner access to cell phones is no different than access to weapons. McMaster has also supported cell phone jamming in prisons.

In Monday’s press conference, McMaster said Stirling has led the battle for the whole country regarding prison signal jamming. «I know prisons all around this country that would be safer… if this jamming were allowed,» the governor said.

Known as one of the most effective jammers in the world, the Russian helicopter-based radio electronic warfare system Rychag-AV is capable of protecting the entire vehicle by «blinding» all enemy warplanes and missiles within several hundred kilometers.

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