Wireless signal jamming warfare

Development direction of future electronic wifi signal jammer warfare

The U.S. Navy has entered the final phase of development of the Next Generation Jammer (NGJ) pod that will replace the ALQ-99 that has been in use since the Vietnam War. The new electronic attack pod matches advanced electronic-attack technology developed by raytheon, that combines high-powered, agile, beam-jamming techniques with cutting-edge, solid-state electronics.

System users can also activate satellite navigation interference and radio frequency jamming systems to prevent the drone from being to move further, Rafael said.

Fortunately, an GPS signal jammer integrated into the lead vehicle intercepts and jams the detonation signal at the decisive moment. The personnel carriers move on unharmed. As the troops disembark and leave the safe zone around the vehicles, the insurgents try to set off additional RC-IEDs. But they are foiled again: each soldier has activated a personal signal jammer.

Latest jamming technology weapon

The AN/ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming System is currently integrated on the EA-18G GROWLER and EA-6B Prowler aircraft operated by the US Navy and Marine Corps. Both aircraft are currently in service, but only the F/A-18G is expected to be in service beyond the mid 2020s. Therefore, the new pod is developed exclusively for the Growler.

«These systems consist of a satellite armed with a weapon such as an explosive charge, fragmentation device, kinetic energy weapon, laser, radio frequency weapon, cell phone signal jammer, or robotic arm,» read the report.

LOJACK Blocker

The Perfectjammers’s UAV jamming system is designed to block remote control radio frequencies as well as the frequency bands of GSNS (Global Satellite Navigation Systems) allowing UAVs to reach their final destinations by autopilot.

The radio frequency jamming can be activated automatically upon UAV detection or manually upon supervisor assistance. The robust antenna system consists of circularly polarized antennas (the number of antennas depends on the number of frequency bands).

The drone jammer gun is based on detection and jamming units. The system scans for drones by using an array of directional antennas.

Once a threat is detected, the system sends an automatic command to the jamming unit and starts to block all radio communication channels, including GPS signals and video link.