Countries compete in jammer technologies

Advantages of the new jamming system

The Mi-8MTPI has the Ikebana jamming system, which is a stand-off portable jammer intended to disrupt an opponent’s battlefield radars, including air search and fire control types associated with air defense systems. This variant has its antennas more centrally located on either side of the helicopter, making it easy to differentiate it from the MTPB version.

The MTPI also has the ability to detect and determine the general location and type of hostile emitters, giving it a limited capacity to conduct intelligence gathering missions on enemy defenses. When the Soviet Union introduced the type in the latter half of the Cold War, part of the goal was to provide more of a multi-mission capability over existing Mi-8/Mi-17-based jammers.

You could probably make a timer somehow that gets activated by being jammed, so if you know the average range of such a GPS signal jammer and the average speed of a vehicle holding a jammer, you could set it to roughly explode underneath if you put it on a road… but I don’t really see it working.

The new trend of electronic warfare

One of the standout improvements is the Gripen E’s electronic warfare (EW) system, which takes advantage of the aircraft’s fully-digital architecture. This and the more powerful jammer-emitter capability, which is made possible by the integrated set of jamming transmitters, radar warning receivers, and the Selex AESA radar set, make for a more powerful EW profile.

“The configuration of the EW system for the Gripen E allows you to focus the jamming signal in a narrower band, so the signal itself is stronger and directed at an individual specific threat,” said one of the Gripen test pilots. The previous EW system produced a broader frequency band signal, which was designed to counter several threats at once.

Officers that don’t trust their leadership can and will issue some fukd orders. As an Army Specialist in Afghanistan, and on mission, I was commanded by my CO to disarm our convoys radio drone gun jammer so a local could make a phone call.

Not military at all, but: Sounds like it would be complete guesswork and only marginally better than just putting it on a timer. Jammers have more range than your average IED. It would just explode as soon as a jammer gets remotely close, and not be harmful at all.

Once the system has a lock on the drone, a radio frequency jammer is then used to overload the drone with signals – knocking out the commands from the unknown owner.

Gun drone jammer

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